Thursday, March 14, 2013


Earth Quaker Action Teams (EQAT)

Earth Quaker Action Team leader, Carolyn McCoy began fasting for forty days, as of today, in solidarity with the pain and suffering of the people affected by mountaintop removal mining in Appalachia. She is inviting other members, or any individuals, to join her, as they feel led. This is an excellent example of folks choosing to live from the inside out -- to take non-violent, direct action.  I'm excited about this action and I'm joining Carolyn one day per week.  I live on the edge of Appalachia, and mountaintop removal as well as the new earth-rape, fracking, have disturbed me for a long time.  EQAT members have done their homework.  Mountaintop removal was disturbing them to their core, so they researched who was funding it.  They looked at how this has been allowed to go on, at the economic base that supports it (this is the root of things in our current society, after all).  Then they looked at a form of action that would have impact in this society:   they withdrew their money from the bank, PNC,  that is funding the companies responsible for most mountaintop removal, and they are now showing through fasting that they are willing to sacrifice their lives behind this cause.  They are showing that this is a spiritual issue for them by fasting as a spiritual preparation to continue their efforts on a long term basis.  They are educating and preparing others to do the same. Start here for more info:

Do you have the courage to take action in a manner such as this?  You may be thinking it doesn't take much courage; this is a relatively simple action, no violence is involved -- ah, there's the rub!  Living your life from the inside out does take courage, and faith, and creativity, and imagination, but not necessarily violence or the things one necessarily associates with being counter-cultural.  I think what is involved is being vigilant.  Being aware that so much of the culture we live in is designed to turn OFF your mind to your values, especially if your values would have you question the status quo.

So, here's the challenge:  For the next forty days, follow this news story.  Be courageous in allowing your mind to stay open.  If you feel compelled, join Carolyn in some small way:  give up sugar, give up the internet one day per week, or fast for a day or more yourself.  Do you have money in PNC?  How do YOU feel about the fact that your bank funds mountaintop removal.  Do you know how mountaintop removal affects the people of Appalachia? (Uh, no, I'm not going to tell you -- google it!)  

I will be fasting on Tuesdays throughout Carolyn's fast and sharing about it here.  Maybe more than a day a week, depending on the impact it has on my core.  I've joined Earth Quaker Action Teams, and I'm committed to learning more about the cause myself, and to seeing if they are doing anything about fracking, which is quickly taking over our area.  I want to find out who is the funding source behind fracking and if a similar action can be taken there.  I know I'm mixing coaching and action here folks, but this is important stuff!

Stay tuned, please!  Maybe we can learn together.  This is where faith and action hit the road.

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