Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I'm back. Writer, Coach and Spiritual Advisor.  Here to pour out a little love and wisdom and counter-intelligence for your day...

I'm also @QuakWriterLinda.  That's right.  I have succumbed to Twitter.  

Like so many other small business, and like so many other freelance writers, my life becomes 'oh so busy' with many other details of life.

I end up not doing the things that every entrepreneur's coach tells me I should be doing.  I even tell my SELF I should be doing these things.  Then the world creeps in again and my blog comes stumbling to a halt. It's a paradox.

My  purpose in sharing this with you today is to share the transition I have made from coach, to coach and writer, to coach, writer and freelancer.  I want all of you who, like me, have not followed the models put forth by the vastly more entrepreneurial-spirited to know that one can be SUCCESSFUL, without those models!

Put your best self forward, each day, and do what your heart tells you is a good path.  That's my advice.  And perservere. Perhaps you too can become the good enough business-person!

I'm here to offer you an alternative model to the do it all, do it today, wrestle your dreams to the floor and lasso them model of being in business.  Instead, why not get up today and do the very best that you can...without stressing out.

Have a cup of tea and some quiet time, and while you're doing that imagine one thing that you believe in that you'd like to do today.  Set out a plan and see if there's a simple way you could take one step towards your dream, in honor and in love of your highest self.

Right now, I write for three agencies, three days a week, for seven hours.  My rate has tripled in six months and is about to triple again.  I've just opened up on Twitter, because I can now see that I would like the general population to know that I am freelancing and Twitter is a terrific way to do that.  Up until now, Twitter served no purpose except taking up my time when I needed to be was counter-productive.

I don't know about you, but I'm a bit tired of the highly competitive do it all now model of coaching, writing, being in business.  It simply doesn't work for me.  Oh, I am very appreciative for a lot of the information I glean from all of these very high energy people and all of the blog posts they send to me.  But I only use about 1/100th of it all.  The rest goes, yes, into the trash.  Sorry, my blog friends.

Mostly I spend my time reading the Dalai Lama and Andrew Weil and Deepak and soaking in what they tell me about how I need to find my center, pour out the love and make sure my insides match my outsides.  Then I concentrate on which other bits of info will fit with those core principles.  And believe it or not there are some.

From this I've learned that if I pursue a persistent, steady path of progression, I will make progress in my new career almost as quickly as the mega model people.  It's quite amazing. I think there's a story about this...something about a tortoise and a hare?

So here's my challenge to you.  I'd love to hear from you about the peaceful ways you are finding to pursue your dreams and how it's working out for you.  Let's stage a peaceful revolution in business entrepreneurship.  Show me yours and I'll show you mine! 

Oh, and if you'd like my help writing web copy, blogs or articles to promote your business, I am open for business doing that and coaching others in a non-competitive model of business.  Pour out the Love.

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